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Leading Syrup is actually a shop where you could acquire merchandise from popular manufacturers that are defined as managers in the market. Its supply involves a lot more than 100 items, which include normal syrups, sugars-totally free syrups, concentrates. Syrups from the Leading Syrup array are thought high quality products. They are composed of top quality fruit products and natural sugars, which, because of its substantial concentration and genuine scent, presents baristas and bartenders the area to make creative and assorted drinks.

Also an interesting and attractive appearance, although bottled syrups not only have a delicious and refreshing taste. The molding permits the bottle to hold far better when dumping the syrup. An additional benefit is really a special top that helps prevent syrup from flowing out of your compartment. As well as the traditional Raspberry, Jupi, Forest and Jahoda Blend syrups, you may opt for tropical treats by means of citron and orange, taste non-traditional flavors for example Jupi Aloe syrup, multi-vitamin or chamomile and hazel without having additives, artificial colors or sweeteners.

Very fresh fruit syrups with 20Per cent fruit juice in 9 beloved tastes without additives, synthetic colours or sweeteners, loaded with aroma and wonderful summer season feeling. This method ensures exceptional taste as well as smell. Several syrups contain rosemary, rose petals, juice from berries and fruits. Each and every item is qualified in accordance with European GOST. Consequently, when buying, you are able to familiarize yourself with the qualification which is presented on the corresponding web page of the store.

Can you like new flavors and need to diversify your drinks? Preference delicious cocktail syrups and obtain the most well-known cocktails based on them – Cranberry Modern, Cherry Mai-Tai, Pomegranate Margarita, Tropical Mango Dream, Mojito, Melon Mojito and Pineapple Pina Colada. Every one of you may absolutely select the choice you need.

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